Dreamers who never grow up

About Us

We are a company that seeks to create animation with exceptional characters, memorable stories, humorous expression and emotion in an educative, friendly, warm and colourful way.

Our Culture

We believe and enjoy what we are doing. These are eight values influence everything that we do.

to do

Because you will be part of a team, in which everyone knows each other beyond the professional level, has a lot of fun, as well as enjoys and loves the things they do.

Exploring Creativity

Because you will be part of a team which fosters a culture of creativity and loves to explore and create magic.

Seeking perfection

Because you will part of a team which seeks to be perfect – at least nearly perfect – in the things they do.

Growing the expertise

Because you will be part of a team which is curious, seeks to grow, enjoys learning and loves to share their ideas.


I enjoy working at Indeform as I always get to challenge myself with something new. The whole crew is very fun and supportive, so the atmosphere is great, but you also make results.

Elena Liski, Nordic Operations Manager, Finland